Micro-Ceramics has more than 20 years experience developing and manufacturing ceramic products for the Semiconductor, Medical, Telecom, Optoelectronics and Aerospace industries.

The products we deliver to our customers today reflect this extensive know-how in developing materials, products and custom-driven solutions

We manufacture all parts at our ultra-modern facilities where we control all stages of production, from processing the raw materials to quality assuring the final products

We manufacture parts at measurable accuracy levels of up to 0.00004 inch and quality surface of N2. Components produced range from just 0.004 inch thickness, 0.0004 inch bore, to 24 inch diameter and 28 inch height.

Micro-Ceramics works together with customer’s engineers on cost, process efficient, design improvements, testing and evaluations to produce the highest quality parts that will add significant value to your overall systems.