Micro-Ceramics is committed to providing product quality and reliability in some of the most demanding and challenging industries and market applications. We are dedicated to continuous improvement, enhancing our leadership position in our chosen markets and to exceed our stakeholder’s requirements in terms of quality, value and services.

Micro-Ceramics Quality System is aimed at achieving total customer satisfaction by meeting or exceeding the following objectives:

Safety is a core value, Micro-Ceramics provides a safe work environment for our employees.

We will meet or exceed the expectations of our customers with every product, process, and interaction. The products meet the highest industry's demands for dimensions, purities, and particle levels. We aggressively implement continuous improvement in our processes and procedures by maintaining regular follow-ups of non-conformities and immediate institution of corrective actions.

World Class Standards
All activities are steered by the principles of ISO 9001

Micro-Ceramics is certified ISO 9001: 2000, which guarantees traceability of our processes, and reflects our commitment to provide our customers full satisfaction.

Micro-Ceramics work closely with the leading Aviation and Aeronautics companies in the world and as such develop, design and manufacture, with MIL standards or other aviation standard.

We will distinguish ourselves to our customers and improve our productivity by monitoring and reducing the cycle time of all processes.

We will provide superior value to our customers and high returns for our stakeholders by relentlessly driving down costs.