Micro-Ceramics provides solutions and products for the semiconductor manufacturing industry by supplying the chamber-critical components used in sophisticated chip-processing equipment. These critical components are produced from a very wide range of high-purity technical ceramics and base on engineering knowledge and experience, In most cases, the product is an extremely intricate component produced using the most :

  • Ultra-flat capabilities
  • Mirror polish
  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • High stiffness
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Large size capability - 300 mm and beyond
  • Extreme wear resistance

As a qualified supplier to the semiconductor sector, we have extensive experience in processing parts fabricated from alumina, zirconia, silicon carbide, silicon nitride, aluminum nitride, sapphire and quartz.
Products include focus rings, vacuum chucks, insulators, clamp rings, handling arms and chamber liners, Always responsive to new industry advances, Micro-Ceramics supplies state of the art ceramic parts for the new 300mm silicon wafer machines.

Highest Standard of Quality and Service
Micro-Ceramics manufactured parts are known in the industry for their technical superiority and high quality in terms of durability, extreme resilience to chemical corrosiveness and high resistance to electrical, thermal and mechanical wear.
Our ultra-modern factory floor is lined with advanced industry tools for precision machining and grinding of intricate high purity quartz components used in the latest chip manufacture machinery. 

Advanced and Versatile – Working with Our Customers
As a ceramic parts producer specializing in wafer semiconductor manufacture, Micro-Ceramics maintains full technological capacity to answer the industry’s highest quality standards and requirements. Our state of the art techniques maximize production output, with total precision manufacturing accuracy followed up by unbending quality inspection.